Monday, September 26, 2016

Spider Catcher

Here is a photo of my home made "spider catcher". As shown, there is a plastic glass and a magazine. I chose a magazine with a picture of a nice home interior just in case the spider senses it is being "hunted" by me  and starts to move. What I do is surround the spider with the plastic glass, the spider then moves into the cup and I insert the magazine under the cup and the spider is then captured.

I then bring the captured to the "great outdoors"  and let the indoor spider see if it can survive. After all this spider wasn't invited by me into my house in the first place and doesn't pay me any rent. Plus these spiders tend to leave a mess of spider webs and bugs to clean up which I can do without.

I don't bother "killing" the spiders as after all they too are one of God's creatures. So, that is how I catch spiders. It probably doesn't matter what kind of glass you use and even what kind of magazine you use as well but I can't be sure as I only have used these items, they work well, so I haven't experimented with any alternatives.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Coffee with Almond Milk

This Saturday I had a coffee at a Starbucks in Glastonbury, Connecticut prior to the UCONN versus Virginia football game. I think it was a
"Grande Mochiato Iced Latte with Almond Milk".

Quite tasty, quite reasonable too as the cost was well under ten dollars!

What I don't understand is how they produce the "Almond Milk".  Don't almonds grow on trees?  How do they milk these almonds anyway?  Do the almond milk farmers train some little fleas or ants to attach little suction cups to the almonds to extract the milk? If so, what about the baby almonds?Is there enough milk produced so that these little almonds can grow up to be big almonds?  I hope that by producing the almond milk the almonds aren't harmed in any way as that would be so cruel! And, the poor baby almonds would be crushed to learn that producing almond milk would be painful.Yes, hurting the almonds just to produce almond milk would be inhumane and I'm sure the almonds would never recover.

Well, however they do this, it sure makes for a tasty drink. They also have cow milk at the Starbucks for people who are almond intolerant.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beer for Breakfast

Today I had a little bit of "America " beer for breakfast.  While visiting my parents in Connecticut my Mom went down to the basement refrigerator to get some orange juice; when she opened the refrigerator door this beer can fell out and landed on the basement floor and developed a "pin hole' leak on the side of the can thus squirting beer on her leg.  She brought up the can for my Dad and I to have a little taste of beer. Surprisingly, beer I find is more carbonated than orange juice and more bitter than the tart taste of orange juice. Although I didn't get the benefit of Vitamin C  that orange would have provided; beer does taste good with the scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins that we had. Plus, we were celebrating the UCONN football win from yesterday where they defeated the University of Virginia 13-10 when the field goal kicker missed a 20 yard field goal with game time expiring that would have tied the game.

Also, of course we try to follow the philosophy of "waste not want not" as we didn't want to waste a perfectly good beer as who wants to drink a warm flat beer later or have this beer completely empty itself on the basement floor. Yes, beer is better consumed and not so good as a floor cleaner.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gary Johnson "Aleppo"

Recently Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States and former Governor of New Mexico, was interviewed by Mike Barnicle. Mr. Barnicle of  the "Morning Joe" show on MSNBC asked Mr. Johnson what he thought of Aleppo. "Aleppo, What is that?" replied Mr. Johnson.

Now, I don't blame Mr. Johnson for not being familiar with Aleppo as they say in the famous Led Zeppelin song "Stairway To Heaven", "Sometimes words have two meanings". In the case of Aleppo I can think of three meanings to "Aleppo" as I'm quite sure most of you can as well. Just  to review, Aleppo is a  city in Syria that was in the news that was allegedly gassed by either the Syrian government forces or forces of the "rebels" that gassed the people but tried to represent that the Syrian government did the "gassing".

HOWEVER, there are other definitions for the word Aleppo. Aleppo pepper is a spice used in Mid-East and Mediterranean cuisine. Perhaps, Mr. Johnson was thinking to himself "Am I on a left leaning cable news channel or did I by mistake walk on to the set of a "Food Channel" show and this Mr. Barnicle character is some sort of celebrity chef asking about spices?

Another definition of the word Aleppo has to do with the "Shriner organization"  with  their "Aleppo  Shriner Circus and  Aleppo auditorium  in Wilmington,, Massachusetts.

So, if I were Mr. Johnson in the "Aleppo situation" I would consider replying "What is the origin of the word Aleppo?; can you please use it in a sentence? Which definition of the word Aleppo are you talking about?" You know, like they do in the exciting "Spelling Bee" competitions.

Maybe as well, Gary Johnson was thinking about the mysterious "Marx Brother Aleppo" (aka Gummo) you know, the brother that never appeared in any of the movies but was off camera getting coffee and cigars for his other movie star brothers. I don't know. As Hillary Clinton would probably say, "Aleppo, Schmeppo, what difference does it make?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Woods Hole Golf Course.

I was riding through Woods Hole, Massachusetts on Cape Cod today while doing some exterior insurance inspections when I decided to take this photograph of a scene at the golf course. This scene reminds me of one of the opening Microsoft "screen shots" somewhat and the exact scene from Microsoft features more of a left to right downward slope which this particular hole has but there were a group of golfers just to the right of this photo and I didn't feel like waiting for them to leave. Maybe next time I 'm in the area I'll photo this scene again with more of the slope. Or when the leaves start turning. We shall see.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Master Brew Kombucha

I usually shop at "Shaw's" supermarket in West  Harwich  as that is is my last name and I like to support my namesake. I came across a sale of Kevita brand Master Brew KOMBUCHA  with live probiotic naturally energizing GINGER at .99 cents off the normal price for a ridiculously low price of 2 for 5 dollars if you can believe it. How could anyone pass up such a bargain! This hand crafted Kambucha Culture with higher levels of gluconic acid  embodies vitality from the inside of your body out. Lord knows you want to keep your good bacteria happy at least that is what my gut reaction to this product embodies. As they say on the bottle "Kevita, Energizing to the Core". I can honestly say that this is the BEST MASTER BREW KOMBUCHA I have ever tasted. I brought this bottle to work at the Soundings Resort on Cape Cod and AMELIA  at the Soundings also confirmed that this is the best KOMBUCHA  she has ever tasted as well and she also confirmed that she thought that the PRICE was right for such a quality low calorie
gluten free non-dairy vegan product  as she marveled at the  levels of  probiotic cultures B. coagulans MTCC 5856 and L. rhamnosus which are (4 billion CFU at time of manufacture). Not only as we all pretty much know how important these ingredients are for everyone's general health but on top of it all this lightly carbonated organic drink really tastes GREAT! 

So, the next time you are shopping for a really great Kombucha brew, (and we all know about the many many many choices that are available for your drinking and probiotic pleasure) you just might want to consider this KEVITA brand Ginger elixer. Trust your gut and make the right decision.

Monday, July 25, 2016

"Bern Notice"

Interesting to see the "Wiki leaks" with about 20,000 hacked e-mails released today on the first day of the Democrat National Convention (7/25/16) from the DNC . Now, I haven't really had a chance to investigate any of these e-mails; but, from what I understand the National Committee appears to have coordinated with the Hillary Rotten Clinton campaign ( I mean Hillary Rodham Clinton) along with the main stream media such as CNN ( Clinton News Network) and other news outlets. Some of the e-mails I understand deal with questioning Bernie Sanders regarding his religion and "floating stories " that Mr. Sanders is an atheist before some of the Southern primaries as they calculated it may have been worth a "few points". Other e-mails deal with infiltrating the Sanders campaign by Clinton operatives and spreading stories of how the Sanders campaign is chaotic and not coordinated. Other e-mails detailed how the nomination for Clinton was "in the bag" right from the start with the "super delegates " almost all pledged to Clinton before the primaries even started. Yes, the Democrat party appears not to be too democratic as far as allowing the primary voters select their nominee.

The Sanders supporters received proof today of their "Bern notice" that Bernie never had a chance for the nomination. Similar in a way to when the "Washington Generals" play the "Harlem Globetrotters", the "Globetrotters" win over 99.99999999 percent of the time.

Now, what should the Bernie Sanders supporters do for this election?  Obviously, they should vote for whomever they choose or choose not to vote this time. Jill Stein of the "Green party" seems to have many similar positions and views as the Sanders campaign. Maybe, some Sanders supporters should write in "Bernie Sanders" as a show of support for their man. Donald Trump has some positions on trade that are similar to Sanders. Time will tell, I just know I personally wouldn't support a candidate (Clinton) or party  that basically disregarded their primary voters especially as Clinton has such vast ties to the " 1 percent Wall Street crowd" as she finances her campaign with a lot of "foreign money" from Arab countries that treat women as property  and kill gay people for being gay.

This election should be a November to remember. God knows what will happen. Time will tell.